Our Story

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Our Heritage History

For over 25 years, Heritage Head Start has provided safe, relevant and quality Early Learning programs to children and families in the West Seattle area of White Center.  The vision and focus has evolved over time; to incorporate the rich cultures and ethnicities represented, embracing each child’s ethnic and cultural heritage, while exploring their family's foundation and teaching to all students in a culturally responsive way.

“The families and the staffs' diverse backgrounds at Heritage is what makes this Head Start unique and culturally rich. We believe in learning from each other and give families the opportunity to share and to be proud of their culture.” ~Heritage Parent

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The meaning of our logo symbolizes the essence of who we are.

Heritage Head Start Logo

"Trees are used to represent life and growth in mythologies, legends and novels. Trees are considered representative of life, wisdom, power and prosperity. Philosophers regard trees as observers witnessing the evolution of humans and the planet around them." - Li Yezi

  • The roots of our tree logo represent the individual heritage, deeply engraved in who we are as individuals, as a community, and as a program.
  • The trunk of the tree represents the perseverance, values and wisdom of our families and  the commitment of our staff that sustain the family and the children’s ethnic values, heritage and language. 
  • The branches represent the future of the children in our program – supported by a strong trunk and deep roots.