Our Vision

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Heritage Head Start Vision

At Puget Sound ESD Heritage Head Start our mission, values, and commitment to diversity guide everything we do: we are continually inspired by the growing diversity of the community we serve. We seek to engage a diverse population of staff, students, and families to build and maintain a collaborative and multilingual community. We recognize that honoring multiculturalism requires an ongoing commitment of time, energy, and resources in both our curriculum and school practices. 

Our values:

  • Heritage Head Start is committed to a multicultural/multilingual approach. An inclusive environment/school culture is a core value in our program
  • Heritage Head Start is dedicated to enrich children and families through a learning partnership embedded in cultural heritage.
  • Heritage Head Start staff, families, and community partners work in collaboration which allows us to be a leader in the field of early childhood education.

Our hope is that our children will feel rooted in their individual identities. We will strive to continue to grow and expand our inclusive learning environment to work for equity and justice within the school and in the larger community.