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At Puget Sound ESD Heritage Head Start, our mission, values, and commitment to diversity guide everything we do. We are continually inspired by the growing diversity of the community we serve and seek to engage a diverse population of staff, students, and families to build and maintain a collaborative and multilingual community. We also recognize that honoring multiculturalism requires an ongoing commitment of time, energy, and resources in both our curriculum and school practices.

Here's what we know:

  • Native English speakers often meet or exceed the performance of their peers participating in a monolingual program, with the added benefit of being bilingual.
  • Students participating in dual language programs develop multicultural competencies along with social skills.
  • Dual language programs are the most effective in closing the achievement gap.
  • More English does not mean better results in English reading or writing, for both native English Speakers and native Spanish Speakers. Test results show that most dual language schools outperform their other demographically similar schools, the state, and local school district.